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Radicle: The Roots of Writers

An author interview series that digs into writers’ breakthrough moments, unearthing crucial collaborations, creative risks, and career decisions that spurred their growth.

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

An Interview with Kerri Arsenault

Discover the breakthrough moments of award-winning writer Kerri Arsenault, author of MILL TOWN: RECKONING WITH WHAT REMAINS, released September 2020 and now available in paperback. With Editor Rosanna Gargiulo, Arsenault discusses the ten-year writing project that became her first book, and the love and hate that spurred her on.

Following the interview, read Arsenault’s first published essay, which evolved into a chapter in her book.

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An Interview with Hala Alyan

Discover the breakthrough moments of award-winning poet and writer Hala Alyan, author of SALT HOUSES and THE ARSONISTS’ CITY, released March 2021.

With interviewer Basmah Sakrani, Alyan discusses the inspiration for her recent work and shares her first publication experience. Following the interview, read “gemini,” originally published in The Dirty Napkin, and learn how that experience spurred Alyan’s growth as a writer.

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