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A book review series that digs into writers’ first books, early works, and new directions that spurred their growth.


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The Use of Brahms’ Scherzo in The Yellow Birds Sings

A Review of Jennifer Rosner’s Debut Novel

by Nerissa Nields

Brahms’ Scherzo in E is a complex, emotionally volatile piece, just as Rosner’s novel engages equally complex questions a parent must answer as she attempts to raise her daughter within the confines of an impossible situation…

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The Sea and More Than the Sea

A Review of Ruth Moore’s Time’s Web and The Tired Apple Tree

by Jefferson Navicky

If I was going to throw a dinner party and could invite three writers living or dead, who would they be? Djuna Barnes, Elena Ferrante, and Ruth Moore. Or maybe Wanda Coleman, Stanley Crawford, and Ruth Moore. Or Diane Seuss, Marcel Proust, and Ruth Moore. Ruth Moore makes my list every time for several reasons…

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