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Community Supported Literature

The Maine Review Publications has two missions:

To make contemporary literature accessible to readers of all income levels, and to compensate all our writers, artists, editors, and volunteers. Through our Community Supported Literature (CSL) program, you can help us achieve our goals.

In the way community supported agriculture programs connect consumers with local farmers, our CSL connects readers with writers and artists, sponsors literary events, and ensures the future of accessible literature at The Maine Review. Donations at all levels are greatly appreciated.

Helping Hand: $5-25

Help keep MeR literature accessible and our editorial team fed.

Sponsor a Poem: $25-50

Show some love and support to poets for making life richer.

Support LIAB: $50-100

Help maintain a home for intersectional literature.

Sponsor Prose: $60

Thank prose writers for crafting the narratives we need.

Co-op Reading Series: $50-100

Help bring literary events to our community.

Sponsor an Artist: $80

Thank artists for beautifying our world.

Save the World: $100+

Help expand MeR Publications’ programs and outreach.

A literary magazine is a community effort. We thank you for your trust and support!