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Issue 7.1 / January 2021

Letter from the Editor

Rosanna Gargiulo

Standing next to my mother in the cathedral, I feel both bemused and curious. I expected to visit churches in Central America. I didn’t expect my Hindu mom to pray in them.

Sejal H. Patel

You were still very much unripe when they harvested you from the center of her body, a seven-month-old thing.


Ernest Ogunyemi

Why not more round riveted windows 
hinged to swing outward? 

Architects, Please Try Harder

Aaron Brame

We Want Your Writing.

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A home for nonfiction prose about the grueling, exhilarating, essential business of finding peace (or not) with the bodies we inhabit, considering age, sexuality, race, ability, gender identity, size, athleticism, addiction, illness, and the experience of occupying unfamiliar, hostile, and wonderful spaces.

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